The Granite Belt Irrigation Project is being built to be safe, reliable and on time. Our team to deliver this essential project combines locals who are passionate about the Granite Belt’s future and specialists with proven expertise.


Qualifications: M Public Administration; B Business (Transport Economics); BA (Economics and Government); MAICD

As the former Director-General Department of Agriculture & Fisheries and Department of Local Government & Planning; and former CEO Trade & Investment Queensland, Jack brings extensive experience to the Granite Belt Water Ltd Board.

Board Member
Qualifications: AM, B ENG, FIEAUST, CPENG, DIP (MAN), MAICD, B Mechanical Engineering; Chartered Professional Engineer; Post Graduate Diploma Management

Brian has over 30 years experience in senior management and engineering, including board memberships. He is a specialist in pipeline related infrastructure developments – design and construction, having been responsible for projects across the globe. Brian is a great strategic asset to the project.

Board Member
Qualifications: B Bus (Accy) FIPA CTA

Over a period of some 40 years, Steve has specialised in the area of advice to small business including legal structures, finance of working capital, acquisition of property, plant and equipment, business taxation, superannuation and management advice and assistance.

Steve loves to be involved with his clients’ business and proudly injects a level of enthusiasm and motivation into all client affairs.

Board Member
Qualifications: Almost 30 years’ Granite Belt wine production and multiple wine and tourism industry roles

Leeanne and her family maintain Ballandean Estate’s position as a Queensland wine icon as well as working with industry and others to strengthen the future of the wine and tourism industry in the Granite Belt, Southern Downs and Queensland. Leeanne manages a myriad of roles across the wine industry and tourism associations. She is a key local representation to the board.

Board Member
Qualifications: B of Business, Marketing

Nathan is the sales and marketing administrator at Eastern Colour, a fruit grower in the Granite Belt. Nathan is dedicated to developing strong organisations through highly involved management teams. Nathan’s key focus is towards strong growth driven by innovation, efficient organisation practices and fostering/encouraging strong management teams. He provides vital local representation on the board.

Board Member
Qualifications: 40+ years’ experience in Granite Belt horticulture production

Dino is the managing director of a large primary production enterprise in the Stanthorpe Region. He began working in the business in the 1970’s and has seen significant growth and industry changes over that time. Dino’s extensive experience in horticulture and local knowledge is a vital asset for the board.

Board Member
Qualifications: 40+ years’ business experience and an early supporter of the GBIP

Bill is a successful business manager, specialising in stock feed for over forty years. He has worked in state, regional and local capacities and more recently in the Stanthorpe district. His involvement in the Chamber of Commerce and his early interest in supporting the establishment of the project has been critical. He brings a wealth of local and business knowledge to the board.


Qualifications: B Comm, Public Policy Analysis, Grad Cert Public Sector Leadership, M Public Administration, GAICD

Lloyd is an empowering and collaborative leader with extensive experience in leading successful and productive teams. Lloyd is both a forward looking and strategic thinking while remaining politically astute. He is open to new ideas and loves to empower teams and harness momentum to successfully achieve results by providing a clear articulation of vision.

Strategic Adviser
Qualifications: 40+ years of agriculture experience spanning production, consulting and industry representation

Brent is a primary producer in the Stanthorpe region, growing sheep meat and fine wool. He is Passionate about Australia’s greatest industry Agriculture; its people, its communities and its products. Eight years ago he stepped out of the paddock into agricultural representation including local, state, commodity, national and World Farm Organisation roles.

Project Director
Qualifications: B E, GAICD, FIEA

Greg has over 40 years’ experience in engineering with expertise in management of design development including concepts, engineering, procurement, construction, construction management and leadership. More recently Greg has been instrumental in the set-up and execution of the Tasmanian Irrigation development program. Greg is dedicated to the facilitation of practical and economic irrigation development throughout Australia.

Project Manager
Qualifications: BSC, Forestry, Dip PM

Ian has had extensive experience managing the Kindred North Motton, Dial Blythe and North Esk Tasmanian Irrigation Schemes delivering the projects from concept development through to operations on time and on budget. He has demonstrated advanced management skills, being able to think and act strategically, to mitigate potential problems through developing programmes and contingencies to deliver business outcomes. Ian has a proven track record for developing and delivering support systems for quality, safety and environmental management in accordance with Australian Standards.

Financial Controller
Qualifications: B Business, Accountancy, FCPA, GAICD

Scott has extensive business and professional experience, including over 20 years as a principal of a successful public accounting and financial planning firm which grew from humble beginnings into a significant regional firm. His passion is working to achieve enhanced business performance that creates a more certain future for his clients and their stakeholders.

IT Support
Qualifications: B IT, Information Systems; M A (Writing), GAICD

Margôt is a primary producer in the Stanthorpe region. Margôt has extensive experience in project and program management methodologies, specifically relating to large IT implementations, prior to joining her husband fulltime on the farm. Margôt also has a passion for creative writing and digital communication.

Media Adviser
Qualifications: 20 years’ experience across journalism, public relations, stakeholder engagement and advocacy

Stacey is an agriculture and regional communications specialist with almost 20 years’ experience across journalism, public relations, stakeholder engagement and advocacy. Stacey has advanced knowledge and understanding of the agriculture sector having held senior positions with ABC Rural, AgForce and the National Farmers’ Federation and, more recently, as General Manager of one of Australia’s foremost agri public relations agencies. Raised on a beef property in Central Queensland, her on-farm experience further supports her ability to manage the communications of the project.

Expert Adviser
Qualifications: Dip C.E., B.E. (Civil), M.Sc., FIE, CPEng.(Reg.), NER, Int.P.E.(Aus), APEC , AIMM, FAICD

Richard Rodd has wide ranging background and experience in Civil Engineering of nearly 40 years. This experience includes water resource-based projects covering all phases from investigation, design, construction, operations and maintenance and surveillance of major dams (around 100) to the development of sophisticated mathematical hydrological models and flood studies. Richard has directly administered/managed major projects as a Project Director, Project Manager, Principal’s Representative, Contractors Representative or Superintendent.

Expert Adviser
Qualifications B E (Hons), FIEA, CPEng, RPEQ, IntPE(Aus), APEC, GAICD, MAICD

David has extensive experience in dams, major infrastructure and systems engineering, including dam safety systems and emergency planning. David currently consults to SunWater and brings significant expertise to the project including risk-based decision making and strategic asset management, major project planning, delivery and governance and more.

Amanda Harrold
Project Admin Support
Qualifications: Cert III Tourism, Cert III Bus Legal

Amanda is a business owner providing secretarial services to many local community businesses and initiatives, including the Stanthorpe Chamber of Commerce. Her secretarial skills, local knowledge, passion for the district and her network of connections across the Granite Belt are a vital support to the project.