In the spirit of transparency, GBIP has published the water sales documents below. The documents have been categorised into two groups: Water Sales Documents and Water Sales Policies and Rules. A brief description has also been provided to help give a context for each document.

If you have any difficulties downloading these documents please contact admin@granitebeltirrigationproject.com.au

Water Sales Documents

Document Name A brief Description of the document’s purpose and content
1.1  Covering Letter
An introductory letter from the CEO
1.2  Information Memorandum This document provides general information relating to:
–  the proponent of the Scheme, Granite Belt Water Limited (BGWL)
–  the history of the Scheme
–  water allocations in Queensland, including the legislative and regulatory environment
–  the offer, including application process, key Scheme documents, key risks and timetable
–  frequently asked questions
1.3  Application Form and Rules This application form must be completed by those Applicants who have paid a 1% early commitment fee to GBWL and wish to continue in the Scheme. By submitting an Application, the Applicant makes a binding and irrevocable offer to GBWL on the terms of the Application Rules to enter the Water Sale Deed and the Water Supply Deed.
1.4  Water Sales Deed This deed sets out the terms and conditions GBWL agrees to issue, and the Water Rights Holder agrees to purchase, the Water Rights in the Scheme, subject to and in accordance with this deed.
1.5  Water Supply Deed This deed sets out the terms and conditions on which GBWL will provide the Distribution Services and Other Services to the Water Rights User, such that the Water Rights User may access the Water Rights.
1.6  Deed of Guarantee (for Water Sale Deed) The Deed of Guarantee is required to indemnify GBWL on the terms set out in the Water Sale Deed.
1.7  Deed of guarantee (for Water Supply Deed) The Deed of Guarantee is required to indemnify GBWL on the terms set out in the Water Supply Deed.
1.8  Letter and Public Notice Letter to the affected owners or occupiers enclosing written and public notice.




Water Sales Policies and Rules

Document Name Brief Description
2.1  Water Sales Acceptance Policy The purpose of this Policy is to outline the process that GBWL will adopt with respect to accepting Applications and addressing an undersubscription or oversubscription of water sales during the initial offer of Water Allocations in the Scheme to landholders who have paid an early commitment fee.
2.2  Property Outlet Point Policy The purpose of this policy is to outline the manner in which GBWL will allocate Property Outlet Points (metered connections to the Water Infrastructure) to properties during the initial water sales offer to landholders in the Scheme Area.
2.3  Water Transaction Rules The purpose of this Policy is to set the rules under which GBWL will approve an application to transfer, or for other Dealings in relation to, Water Entitlements and/or Water Zone Delivery Rights.
2.4  Water Distribution Rules The purpose of this document is to outline the distribution rules associated with the storage and delivery of water from the Scheme.
2.5  Delivery Rights Guide The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of the compatibility of Water Zone Delivery Rights and Property Outlet Points in the Granite Belt Irrigation Scheme.
2.6  Annual Water Charging Manual This manual outlines the process to set and update annual operating charges for the Scheme.
2.7  Privacy Collection Statement Sets out the policy around GBWL’s collection and use of private information
2.8  Privacy Policy Sets out the policy around GBWL’s collection and use of private information
2.9  Draft Fees and Charges Statement Summary of the draft water allocation charges for all tariffs.
2.10  Continuous Sharing Rules Explains the rules of the scheme.
2.11  Continuous Sharing Presentation A graphic representation that explains the complexity of the Continuous Sharing rules with step by step graphics and commentary.