It’s coming!
The Granite Belt Irrigation Project will transform the Granite belt with a reliable supply of water for world class farmers like you.

What’s happening now?
We are now in the pre-construction phase. During this time we are undertaking the detailed planning, tendering, permitting and budgeting needed to make a formal decision to proceed with the project. We expect this decision will be made by February 2021, and we will then move to construction. This date may be impacted given the impacts of COVID-19; if there is any change, we will advise you as soon as possible.

What does this mean for you? Binding Water Sales Contracts completed by 31 October.
An absolutely critical pre-construction milestone is to have Binding Water Sales Contracts with all irrigator customers completed by 31 October 2020 or earlier. This is a Queensland Government condition; the project will not proceed if all contracts are not in place by 31 October 2020.

Thank you for your support and patience as this exciting project has progressed. Please continue to promote the Granite Belt Irrigation Project so people right around Australia hear about this project that will transform our agricultural production.

Biodiversity Offsets

We are currently seeking biodiversity offsets on private properties. This is required by the Environmental Impact Statement to offset the impact the dam and pipeline will have on endangered flora and fauna.

If you are a landholder in the Granite Belt region and believe you may be affected by the construction of the dam and/or pipeline, or own land that may be deemed suitable for acquisition as an environmental offset, please provide us with your contact details.