What other infrastructure is required for the Project?

The Project infrastructure, includes: associated power sources – required to ensure the dam and pipeline have the requisite amount of power to operate; air valves – required to let air in and out of the pipe, preventing it from over-pressurising and collapsing. Air valves are generally located at high points of the pipeline to [...]

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What are the details of the Project?

The Project involves the construction of a 12,074 ML dam, three pump stations and approximately 126.5km of pipeline throughout the Granite Belt region. Specifics of the Project: The Emu Swamp Dam will provide a 12,074ML in stream storage which will provide an annual supply of 3,900ML of water at 90% reliability. The dam wall [...]

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Who is Granite Belt Water Limited?

Granite Belt Water Limited (GBWL) is a public company limited by guarantee registered under the Corporations Act (Cth) responsible for the development and operation of the Project. All the Project’s infrastructure will be the property of GBWL. As a public company limited by guarantee, GBWL must only use profits to further the objects that [...]

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What is the Project?

The Granite Belt Irrigation Project (Project) is a project of national significance declared a ‘coordinated project’ by the Coordinator-General, involving the development of a new water storage (dam) and distribution facility (pipeline and pump stations) located approximately 15km south-west of Stanthorpe, including the area known as Emu Swamp along the Severn River, Queensland. The [...]

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