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Don’t miss the opportunity to be involved in the Granite Belt Irrigation Project: a major infrastructure project to transform one of Australia’s premium food and wine regions with a high reliability source of water.

Major water infrastructure
The Granite Belt Irrigation Project will deliver a 12,000 megalitre dam near Stanthorpe, around 126km of pipeline to provide water to 51 customers.

The Project is well advanced in acquiring the requisite approvals and The Project has not identified any significant barriers to proceeding. It has been demonstrated to be environmentally, financially and economically sustainable through the Government approved Detailed Business Case.

Both Federal and State Governments have committed the necessary funds for The Project and high reliability irrigation has been pre-sold to fifty customers, raising $23.4M towards construction


GBIP is pleased to announce that the Project will be opening the tendering process for the Irrigation Distribution Network and Associated Works, Design and Construct Tender, on the 30th April, closing on the 29th June, 2021 with a budget of $28.4M.

Advertisements will be published in in the Courier Mail, local Stanthorpe newspapers and on our website.

The Dam Design and Construct will be released on 18th May and close on the 27th July, 2021 with a budget of $23.4 million. The design phase of the Project will commence on award of tender later in 2021, keeping it on track to be operational late 2023.

Following is a brief summary of the tender registration process for the Irrigation Distribution Network and Associated Works, Design and Construct:

  • Advertised publicly week ending 16th April, 2021
  • Tenders open for registration 30th April, 2021Tenderers will register their interest in writing at
  • Tenderers complete and submit a confidentiality agreement
  • RFT documents will be released to the tenderer
  • Tenderers must formally accept conditions of tender in writing within three days
  • If more than six tenderers commit to tendering, the number of tenderers will be published on the GBIP website and tenderers given the opportunity to withdraw.
  • A compulsory site field visit will be conducted on the 11th May from 9:30 to mid-afternoon.
  • Tenderers must register their intention to attend the field day, three days before the event. Up to three persons may attend the field day on behalf of each Tenderer.

Submissions must be lodged according to the terms and conditions by 29th June, 2021.

Design and Construct

This tender release is unique in that it is the first time in Queensland both the design and construct components have been included in the one tender. This means the company which designs the infrastructure will also construct it, providing the opportunity for the contractor to value engineer the design where benefits largely accrue to the contractor. This model has been tried and tested in Tasmania, where it has proven to be the most efficient model to deliver 15 high-quality water infrastructure developments in partnership with the Tasmanian and Australian Governments.

Head Contractors must have accreditation from the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner.

Only compliant and competent bids will be encouraged as there will be multiple criteria in the evaluation process. For example, a low priced bid without substantial compliance in the evaluation criteria will be excluded early in the process.

The tendering process will be overseen by a Probity Adviser.

Contractors wanting to understand more about the detailed design can download the “Pipeline Alignment”.

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