Mick & Judy Spiller – M&D Auto Parts

EXCITEMENT is growing within the Stanthorpe business community as the Granite Belt Irrigation Project (GBIP) builds momentum. Mick and Judy Spiller, owners of automotive and agricultural supplies company, M&D Auto Parts, have been proponents of the project since its announcement. Now in its 36th year as a family-owned and operated company, the M&D Auto [...]

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Maddie Burton – Maddie’s Gift Gallery

SEEING the positive impacts large-scale water developments bring to a community firsthand has made local businesswoman Maddie Burton a fierce supporter of the Granite Belt Irrigation Project (GBIP). As a long-term resident of the Stanthorpe region, Maddie can vividly recall the impact the Glenlyon Dam building had on the community in the 1970s, which [...]

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Sam Giacca – Sam’s Farm Fruit and Veg

AS A former farmer, and someone who sells fresh, local produce every day of the week, Sam Giacca understands the vital importance of water security for Stanthorpe’s thriving agricultural sector. It’s the reason the owner of much-loved Sam’s Farm Fresh Fruit and Veg at Cottonvale, is in full support of the Granite Belt Irrigation [...]

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Kristy O’Brien – Brinx Deli and Café

ONE of Kristy O’Brien’s favourite aspects of her much-loved Brinx Deli and Café is that she can sell superb Stanthorpe produce. But, without water security in the area, Ms O’Brien is concerned farmers won’t be able to meet their market demands which is why she is in full support of the Granite Belt Irrigation [...]

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Nathan Baronio – Eastern Colour

The Family Business Nathan Baronio from Eastern Colour works the farm his parents started 45 years ago.  They have farmed in Stanthorpe all their lives.  Their initial focus was mainly in vegetables, including broccoli and capsicums which were their main lines for a long time, with apples always produced alongside. Nathan said that in [...]

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Ray & Connie Taylor – Taylor Family Produce

The Family Like many family operations, the Taylors have an eye on the next generation.  Ray and Connie have two sons, aged 17 and 14.  "While our eldest son will eventually come back to the farm, we're not sure about our youngest," Connie said. "It's good that they want to go out and experience the world [...]

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Dino Rizzato – Moonlight Orchard

The Family Business Moonlight Orchard is a Rizzato family business established in 1954.  Their Moonlight Orchard business is apples - Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Gala, Red Delicious, Fuji, Kanzi, Rockit, Kalei and other varieties. Dino Rizzato is at the helm, alongside his wife Nella, who manages the packing shed.  Sons Daniel (31) and Rodney [...]

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