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The Granite Belt Irrigation Project will deliver sustained economic growth to the Granite Belt, and boost community wellbeing and resilience.

Sustained economic growth to the Granite Belt. The GBIP is forecast to:

  • Increase water supply to the area by about 40%
  • Add 273 hectares of new irrigated agriculture area and significantly enhance the productivity of 1,380ha of currently irrigated area
  • Increase the annual value of the region’s gross farm production by $68 million per year
  • Create 700 new full-time jobs in the region, with 282 of these directly in agriculture and 418 in support services. These are the types of jobs already in the region – which means new employees will slot into the existing fabric of our community
  • Create 250 direct jobs during construction over three years.

Boost community wellbeing and resilience. The GBIP will:

  • Enhance community wellbeing by significantly contributing to the prosperity of communities and businesses of all types in the region
  • Create a new 220ha lake 15km from Stanthorpe with facilities to benefit locals and add to the tourism offering of the region
  • Establish an office in Stanthorpe.


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