We’re proud to be part of the Granite Belt community. Our commitment is to build and run an asset our community will be proud of for generations to come.

Non-profit: here to benefit the community
Granite Belt Water Limited (GBW) has been established to own and operate the dam and irrigation scheme. As a non-profit, our focus is to execute the Granite Belt Irrigation Project for the benefit of the whole community, not just a handful of private shareholders.

Passion + proficiency
Our team combines locals’ passion for the Granite Belt’s future specialists with proven expertise

  • GBW Board includes three local irrigators and independents with specialist skills
  • The management team is comprised of experts who have delivered similar projects around Australia.

Respectful construction. Responsible operation.
Community support and involvement is at the core of GBW. The Granite Belt Irrigation Project is the result of extensive stakeholder consultation and studies that began over a decade ago. We know there is significant support from the community for the project to proceed. We will repay that support by being respectful during construction, and responsible during operation.

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