to Transform our Future

The Granite Belt Irrigation Project will provide the Granite Belt with a new water storage and irrigation facility by 2023.

In a time of increasing rainfall variability, it will give our progressive farmers high reliability water, even in drought. This will see an expansion of high value irrigation to provide economic and social benefits for the entire community.

The Granite Belt Irrigation Project has been developed in consultation with the community to meet social and environmental expectations. It will be funded by private investment and Government. The project is owned by Granite Belt Water, a non-profit company that brings together expert skills and local pride to deliver maximum benefits to the community.

Project Timeline

Planning Began

Pre-construction began

We are here. Our current focus is:

  • Confirming contracts with irrigators
  • Commencing negotiations with landholders
  • Detailed planning and tendering to accurately cost the project
  • Procuring approvals necessary to enable construction.

Construction expected

Pre-construction work will allow us to make a decision by 2021 to construct the project.

The Project

The Granite Belt Irrigation Project will build a 12,000 megalitre dam at Emu Swamp, south-west of Stanthorpe, and 126km of pipeline throughout the Granite Belt. It will deliver 3,900 megalitres of water per year at 90% reliability to approximately 51 agribusiness customers.

The Benefits

The Granite Belt’s community and economy is underpinned by agriculture. Despite an absence of reliable water, the Granite Belt grows food valued at $200-$300 million annually. Secure water provided by the Granite Belt Irrigation Project will take agricultural production to the next level, making the region a nationally significant centre for premium food production and deliver economic and social benefits to the entire community.

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